Listed below are all the classes offered and the descriptions of how the class will be run.  If there are any particular questions please dont hesitate to contact us. 


designed especially for the 2 yr olds.   A combination of ballet, singing and creative movement are all part of this fun 45 minute class. We encourage a natural and gradual separation from mom.  This class starts off the year with the moms in the dance room and as soon as the little ones are comfortable, the moms can move to the waiting area.


One-hour and a half class of 30 minutes of ballet, 30 minutes of tap,  and 30 minutes of jazz or hip-hop. It's the next step after preschool combo giving the students a taste of 3 types of classes to see what they would prefer to focus on down the road.  

5-7 year old COMBO class

an introductory program designed to enhance rhythm skills, coordination, musicality, and a genuine love for the art of dance. Basic ballet and tap instruction is taught in this one hour class.


 we offer a less traditional tap class, in which students will be learning a "funky" style of tap.  Still learning traditional techniques but using upbeat music, faster pace, free style, and tricks. 

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For advanced students only, and solely on the recommendation of the director/head choreographers.  Must enroll in at least 4 years of strict ballet first.

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dancers will learn how to properly develop acrobatic and gymnastic skills with an emphasis on strength and flexibility. With unique choreography, students will learn to seamlessly blend dance and acrobatics as seen in such places as Cirque du Soleil.

The millennium version of "street dance" performed to today's most popular music. Learning body isolations, tricks, and sharper movements to move with a large group to look like one.


A class focused on an ultimate goal of a themed routine.  Can incorporate any to all different types of dance.  It is a fun class with a lot of energy and a whole lot going on!  Learn tricks, partner work, and technique all in one class, all while learning the art of performing



Jazz is a dance form that appeals to everyone because of its energy, variety, and vitality. Classes explore body isolations, technique in turns and jumps, and encourage individual expression and the development of personal style. Jazz can be powerful and percussive or expressive and lyrical.



Lyrical classes use modern dance forms, combining jazz and ballet, and require excellent flexibility and fluidity. Available to students 7 yrs. of age and over, with very strong ballet skills


The class will be taught to interpret their movement with feeling, motion and style. They will learn to tell a story or create the picture of the song. This style combines the fluid beauty of ballet with the more sharp moves in jazz. A few years in lyrical or Jazz class is recommended and ages 10+ is preferred.


dancers learn the basics of flexibility, jumps, and technique for turning will be emphasized in this class.  The students will learn tricks based on the techniques learned in the class.